Lorelyn’s Gourmet Desserts

Lorelyn’s Gourmet Desserts are deliciously packed with nutrient-rich goodness.

We carry a variety of products ranging from cookies, muffins, cakes and brownies. These desserts are gluten-free, vegan (free of all animal products such as dairy and egg), nut-free, school friendly, Kosher, and Halal. Our unique flour blend with organic coconut flour and organic light buckwheat flour, is high in fiber and packed with nutritional benefits.

Our Story

Lorelyn’s journey began when she was diagnosed with an acute gluten, egg, dairy & wheat intolerance. She soon discovered, the lack of choice was only matched by the lack of tasty alternatives. For many years, she experimented, fine tuned and perfected her baked desserts from home. Free of egg, dairy, gluten and wheat combining the balance between nutrition and OMG this is delicious, and Lorelyn’s desserts were born! Lorelyn’s is also school friendly!

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Our Products


Double-Chocolate Fudge Cake

The perfect cake for brownie lovers! Outrageously moist and chocolate-y!

Banana Chocolate Chip Cake

Banana cake packed with chocolate chips for a delightful way to enjoy a classic flavour combination.

Choco-Chia Chip Cookie

Guaranteed to satisfy every chocolate craving, yet bursting with nutritional goodness to leave you feeling amazingly energized.

Ooey-Gooey Fudge Cookie

Chewy, rich chocolate fudge cookie with gooey chocolate chips. This cookie’s perfect balance of sweetness will have you craving more!

Banana Bonanza Muffin

Made with a blend of banana puree and applesauce, these muffins are moist, fluffy, and deliciously healthy!

Brownie Bliss

This delightful chocolate brownie with chocolate chips is decadent and delicious. A classic family treat the kids will love!

Lorelyn's The Perfect Choice

From special treats to great everyday products, Lorelyn’s Gourmet Desserts can supply any operator with the perfect gluten-free, vegan (free of all animal products such as dairy and egg), nut-free, school friendly, Kosher, and Halal baked goods. Our products appeal to a large customer base with varying dietary needs, and to the increasingly growing health- conscious market. Nutritious and certified OMG-delicious, our desserts will leave your customers wanting more!

Lorelyn’s Gourmet Desserts provides an opportunity to gain incremental revenue or avoid lost revenue by offering gluten- and allergen-free options to your customers.

Our baked goods are ideal for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the moments in-between! Our selection of individually-wrapped items are perfect grab-and-go options to offer at conferences, lobby stores, kiosks, cafeterias and every class of travel service. We offer thaw-and-serve products as well as a custom dessert menu program for sit-down restaurants, hotels, and caterers.

Lorelyn’s also provides branded counter displays with each stock-keeping unit, so your guests can easily spot our certified OMG-delicious desserts!

Our Services


Full Service Restaurants

– Options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all day-parts in between
– Breakfast choices of thaw & serve
– Use our products as a base to create your own desserts
– Custom dessert menu program

Hotels & Lodging

– Options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all day-parts in between
– Selection of casual desserts and hand-held snacks for conference breaks and luncheons
– Items for complimentary ‘Welcome Treat’ when guests arrive and nightly turn-down service
– Grab & Go options for lobby stores and kiosks

– Merchandising: We will provide a branded counter display unit per stock-keeping unit


Colleges and Universities

– Items to fit board plans, cash operations, catering and on-campus stores
– Grab-and-go options at retail
– Merchandising: We will provide a branded counter display unit per stock-keeping unit

Travel Industry

– Items for every class of service from Coach to First
– Selection of thaw-and-serve
– Grab-and-go items for travel marts and plazas, first class lounges, airport kiosks and stores
– Merchandising: We will provide a Lorelyn’s counter display unit per sku

Why Choose Lorelyn's?

Lorelyn’s Gourmet Desserts offers a wide range of baked goodies that are free of nut, wheat, and animal products, as well as Kosher and Halal and school friendly, making them the perfect choice for those with allergies or other dietary restrictions. Not to mention — they’re also certified OMG-delicious!

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